The First Ever Montessori Limerick

By Barry Hill, Montessori Supplies, 2017

Montessori is what our school's for
I saw when I looked through the door
I learnt to write well
To read and to spell
And the teachers there let us explore

The numbers I soon learnt to read
While some children worked with the beads
We're such a good school
Our teachers are cool
And let us all learn and succeed

The cylinders make us feel smug
Some are big and some small as a bug
There's tiny as well
So you very well tell
Which fits in which hole like a plug

The Spindle rods are my best hero
Where there's nothing at all is a zero
We bundle the rods
The teachers give nods
And end up by giving a cheer-o!

The sandpaper letters are nice
I´ve worked with them lots more than twice
while tracing the shapes
the sand sometimes scrapes
but it’s warmer than tracing on ice!

Coloured cylinders are very fine
I´ve loved them for quite a long time
The tower it rises,
we learn about sizes
And end up by making this rhyme

Montessori Supplies we buy here
Teacher’s smiling from left to right ear
The boxes arrive
We unpack all five
They’re colourful and nice my dear!

Montessori Materials featured in this Limerick: