Montessori Guide

Help your children succeed at school

Maria Montessori pioneered a child-centric approach to learning which encourages children to learn independently.

The holistic use of the senses to grasp (seemingly) abstract concepts (such as a feeling for numbers, language, geography) enables the child to learn better than simply learning by heart.

Montessori Materials at Home

You can use Montessori materials to help your child learn, whether or not he/she goes to a regular or Montessori school.

For children struggling to grasp the concepts of Maths the Montessori maths materials help the child to visualise the problems and understand solutions.

Younger children gain a feeling for numbers by using Bead Material to count with.

Fractions are another important area where Montessori Materials provide a great visualisation of abstract concepts.

These materials can also be used to add and subtract fractions and suddenly what seemed difficult becomes logical and easy.

We will shortly be adding an interactive guide to recommended materials to these pages! 

Please contact us in the meantime for recommendations specific to the areas where your child needs most support.