About us

We're a family-run business and have been supplying customers in the UK, Europe and worldwide since 2009.

A mother of two girls, Andrea was on her Montessori course when she realised that there was a demand for affordable but good quality Montessori materials. This led us to the idea of starting our first online shop. As we were abroad at the time this was in the Czech Republic but very soon afterwards we started up in the UK too.

Andrea Hill

Andrea became aware of Montessori education in 2008 and achieved her Montessori diploma in 2009.

She advises on materials and is always happy to assist with any questions you may have.

Tamara and Karina

Our two daughters go to a Montessori nursery and primary school. They both love their respective institutions and we are very happy to watch them make great progress and become independent.

We regularly use Montessori materials for school-work.

We look forward to your email.